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And it’s for men too!

Introducing “Femme DD”,  Double ‘D’ by name and by nature!

We took our leading brands.

We checked the competition.

We made a product much better than ever before!

And then we created these powerful high grade pills  with 17 Active ingredients, with better extraction levels than ever  before.

Yes, there are A LOT of pills out  there making all sorts of claims out there…. but what you want is all of the carefully chosen ingredients, working together!

From the brand  owners of “Femme”, “Estravol” and “Natural Bust”, we have bettered all  of our own products!

And then… we rounded up all the best additional information that we get asked all the time, about  breast enhancement. We put this into a short free report that you can  download to boost your results even further!

but back to the ingredients…

In your breasts there are fibrous  tissues, glandular tissues (lobes and ducts) and fatty tissues.

You want the glandular and fatty  tissues to grow!

That is what we have designed  the ingredients to do.

It is not likely that you have heard  anything about them…

So let’s see what you think about them  –

So here’s Pueraria Mirifica – we have asked for miroestrol and  deoxymiroestrol content to be concentrated! Don’t worry, that just means even more support for the fatty tissues inside your breasts!

The same goes for the high isoflavone  levels from red clover and soy, as well as the high phytoestrogens  from Papaya powder, Motherwort and blessed thistle. It just means that you  will gain a fullness and roundness that you always wanted  – in a natural looking way. To gain the body confidence that you always wanted!

… But what about increasing the SIZE  of your breast glands as well? Well, that is why we have asked to  concentrate the ‘diosgenin’ that you find naturally in Fennel and Fenugreek.

This is what gives your breasts a more  ‘POINTY’ look as your breast glands prepare for any milk production!  (Without any milk actually coming out of course!). Fennel also contains ‘anethole’ which just DOUBLES UP on the  breast fatty tissue as well.

..And what about increasing your  breast size without phytoestrogens or breast gland enhancement?  Well, that is where Black Cohosh comes in –  Without getting into the details, It simply extends the time for  which your breasts are receptive to growth.

Let’s not forget about nipple  hardness either! So this is where maca root  powder helps, by boosting your libido, you will naturally feel more  ‘on’.

Besides all of this we added plenty of  other ingredients to help support healthy hormonal levels such as rose hips fruit, saw palmetto, avena sativa, etc. etc.

So get ready to get noticed!!

So what about the extra information  we can provide in the downloadable report?

This is the information that only the experts will  inform you about:

1. What to avoid,

2. What foods to  eat.

3. Natural foods  that contain yet further phytoestrogens to accelerate your results even  faster!




Please take a look at come of the  eBay reviews below, these have been provided for the related Femme,  Estravol and Natural Bust products, from which Femme DD is a derivative.


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Please check other eBay listings now  – There is nothing like this currently on offer.

Don’t waste your money on a product  that contains only Mexican Wild Yam or Fenugreek with a bunch  of pointless excipient ingredients!

This product performs with all the  exact same ingredients, plus many more and with better extraction!

Ingredients: Pueraria Mirifica,  Blessed Thistle, Kelp, Avena Sativa, Soy Isoflavones, Black Cohosh root,  Motherwort, L-Tyrosine, Whey Isolate Protein, Rose Hips Fruits, Red  Clover, Maca Root Powder, Fenugreek Seed, Fennel seed, Mexican Wild Yam  root, Papaya Powder and Saw Palmetto.

This is an extraordinary selection of  17 ingredients to help support a healthy hormone balance and 12  ingredients geared to get your breasts growing!


Phytoestrogens are extremely  important for any type of breast growth. These are natural substances in  food that, when concentrated, mimic the effects of estrogen on your  body. Estrogen prepares a woman’s breast for breastfeeding. Therefore,  they promote the natural development of breast lactation and fatty  tissue. They also trigger secondary sexual characteristics in women.  This product is full of phytoestrogens. They also have a very balanced  effect on hormones and support the body’s defenses against acne.


This product is also designed to  support healthy hormonal levels in both older and younger women as well  as men, especially with ingredients such as L-Tyrosine: contributes to metabolic health. Motherswort: to moderate the digestive  system and support health hormone levels, Mexican  Wild Yam: to help maintain healthy levels of progesterone in the  body. Those who eat a lot of Mexican Wild Yam also have a very high  libido. It contains all the ingredients that can be used for natural  nutrition of the female body. Wild Yam naturally helps balance your  hormones, supports your health during the menstrual cycle and calms your  mood. Avena Sativa: rich in saponins,  flavonoids, minerals and alkaloids for the health of the hormonal  system, etc. This also contains Fenugreek –  This is one of the oldest herbal supplements known to man. Fenugreek  seeds are traditionally used to help mothers by supporting healthy  growth of breast lactation tissue. Therefore, it is an excellent herb  for increasing breast development. Because of the phytoestrogen content,  it can also be very helpful in promoting wellness. The sub-ingredient of  diosgenin adds to healthy breast tissue. Fennel – This has been used for centuries to improve breast size. Fennel  contains anethole and diosgenin, which explains many of its effects.  Anethole and its polymers are phytoestrogens. Again, these promote  healthy development of breast lactation tissue. Blessed thistle – this plant contains the B-complex vitamins,  calcium, iron and manganese. It is also considered one of the best herbs  to promote the general circulation of breasts and their development.  Don’t forget the effects of whey protein isolate,  rosehip, maca, soy isoflavones, etc. Each of them presenting  slight modifications of phytoestrogens which, together, will amplify the  overall effect. The amount of phytoestrogens you read on the ingredient  panel is much greater than most other similar products.


Many women will be particularly  interested in the possible purchase of different clothes and bras when  the shape of the body begins to change. For example, some women have  told us that they can now wear swimsuits with pride. In addition, many  will be able to reveal better necklines for the first time.


We have also received many comments  from men regarding the change in their bodies. Please note that men may  wish to talk to their doctor about how they want to change their bodies.  We always advise talking to your doctor about how testosterone and  phytoestrogens can mix. This product is readily available for men and  women without a prescription. For men, simply use this product  continuously and after becoming familiar with this product, you can  increase the dose. Men should notice a general feminizing effect on the  body in the hip and breast area. You can consult your doctor first if  you are taking similar medicines, especially for the same purpose.


Most customers will see an increase  in 2 bra sizes for several months. Please use the tablets continuously  for at least 2 months to start noticing any beneficial effects. You must  measure immediately before 2 menstruations to see effects. “Femme DD”  will allow you to add inches to the size of your breasts without  spending too much money.


In addition, “Femme DD” is:

1. Economical.

2. Safe and effective.

3. Based on natural herbs and plants.

4. Gives the chest a fuller, but also  more natural and normal appearance. Much better than silicone implants.

5. Tested and proven.

6. 100% guaranteed or your money  back.

7. Ingredients FDA approved which  have been used successfully for centuries.

8. Has anti acne effects – Stains and  imperfections visible on the face can be significantly reduced. This is  due to properly supported hormone levels. Your skin can also become  softer and more feminine. These are the natural effects of  phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen.

9. Much more comfortable than strange  bras or uncomfortable devices.

10. Did you know? All the ingredients  in this supplement have been inspected according to GMP standards:

We are proud to say that all of the  ingredients have reached the AA (double A) standard.




So what is the cost?

It is just £9 for 1 pack of these pills, that lasts  30 days, that’s it. So you do not have to spend a lot to see if it  works!


Directions for use:

Dosage: 1 capsule per day. Since 1  box lasts 30 days, take a breast measurement shortly before  menstruation. Then start taking the pills and take another measurement  just before your next menstruation, about a month later. Women can  increase their dose to 2 tablets a day just before menstruation. Please  ensure you measure your breasts immediately before 2 consecutive  menstruations and start at the correct time. Men will often require a  higher dosage. Please consult with the seller for more advice.

60 Day  refund guarantee! – Please make sure you take your measurements at  the right time, i.e. before 2 menstruations. Make certain you start  taking the pills just before your first measurement. Please ramp up your  dosage a little (2 pills per day) before the next menstruation. Men can  take this supplement too but will often require a higher dosage. Please  send us an email.

SAFETY WARNING: If you are taking medication, talk to a doctor  before using this product. This product is packed in a factory that also  processes nut products. Food supplements are not a replacement for a  balanced and varied diet.





New: A brand-new- unused- unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable). If the item comes direct from a manufacturer- it may be delivered in non-retail packaging- such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions– opens in a new window or tab … Read moreabout the condition


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