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● 🌿 RESULTS: What can I expect and when? In the clinical trials, the itching was usually improved over the course of 1–3 weeks of treatment. Both during and after the 3 weeks of using Astion Skin Cure, we recommend that you use Astion Repair Cream 40% or 70% for prevention of irritation. Please don’t expect results overnight, it will take some time to treat eczema. If you haven’t seen any signs of improvement after 2 weeks, send us a mail and receive a FULL REFUND No need to send the bottle back!
● 🌿 HOW TO USE: How often should I use Skin Cure? Apply the cream in a thin layer on the irritated skin twice a day, morning and evening. Spread the cream evenly. Continue with the treatment until the skin problem improves. IMPORTANT: When you have eczema, be aware that your skin’s natural barrier is broken, causing that the cream might burn when you apply it on the damaged area for the very first time. We recommend to apply only a fingertip at first, before spreading it on the whole area.
● 🌿 PRODUCT INFO: How long does the treatment last? Depending on the size of the affected area, the tube should last for 3-5 weeks by using the cream twice a day, so there is enough cream for at least one whole treatment of 3 weeks. What does Astion Skin Cure contain? Astion Skin Cure contains the patented active ingredient Dermadexin, which performs a double function on the skin—it both soothes the itching and rebuilds the skin’s natural protective barrier. The Skin Cure is Cortisone-free.
● 🌿 SUITABILITY: Astion Skin Cure is based on well-known, tested ingredients. Astion Skin Cure can be used on sore, red, scaly and irritated skin caused by eczema. Use of Astion Skin Cure has few, mild side-effects. During the first days of treatment, slight sweating and itching can occur as the skin is still sore and irritated.
● 🌿 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Astion Pharma provides a full refund within 180 days including shipping. No questions asked, and no returns necessary. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will refund your purchase. DELIVERY: Is the packaging discreet? Yes, the product will be delivered in a plain brown box.


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