15g Anti-Wrinkle Bird’s Nest Eye Serum Anti-aging Remover Dark Circle Eye Cream Moisturizing Against Puffiness and Bags Eye Care


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Daralis 15g Bird’s Nest Extract Roll-on Eye Cream Anti-fatigue Cooling Eye Gel  Repairing Wrinkle Ageless Moisturizing Whitening



  • Net Weight:15g
  • Shelf Life:3 Years
  • Skin Types:Suitable for various Skin

KEY Ingredients:

Bird’s nest Extract,Hydrolyzed collagen,Aloe vera Extract,Sodium hyaluronate,Etc.


  • Anti Puffiness
  • Remove Dark Circle
  • Anti Aging
  • Wrinkles Ageless
  • Moisturizing

Package Include:

 1 x 15g Bird’s nest Extract Roll-on Eye Cream

Caution:For sensitive Skin,Test on your arm before used.


Apply morning and night.

Best applied using the massage gesture below:
1) Begin on the inner corner of the eye and in small diagonal strokes work out toward the crow’s feet underneath the eye. Then repeat the same movements on top of the eye from the inner corner toward the temple, massaging from crease to the brow. 
2) Next, using small circular motions, follow the same path under the eye from the inner corner outward and again on the top lid working from the inner corner towards the temple, focusing just above your natural crease. Repeat this step 3 times. 
3) Finish by lightly sweeping any remaining product with your fingertips along the upper and lower eye contour. Repeat 3 times as well.

Bird’s Nest Extract Roll-on Eye Serum
feature:Lighten of eye lines
remove eye bags 
dark circles
Effects:Improve eye lines,remove dark circles,anti-wrinkle,anti-puffiness,anti-aging and moisturizing

Bird’s nest extract:Whitening,improving fine lines,delaying aging,repairing scars.

Aloe vera:It can eliminate acne,freckles and chapped.
Sodium hyaluronate:Moisturizes and promotes the supply of skin nutrients and anti-aging.

Skin hydrating and moistening treatment are able to rebuild skin fibrous,promote metabolism and slow cellular aging and firm skin,remove under eye bags and black circles.

usage method:
step 1:gently squeeze the bottle and apply the eye cream to the upper and lower eyelids and the corners of the eyes
step 2: follow your eyes around the contours, massage thoroughly and rotate to promote eye cream absorption
step 3:along the upper and lower eyelids,from the inside out to the temple position ,pull around the eye.

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Bird's nest Extract-Hydrolyzed collagen-Aloe vera Extract





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